"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." - Margaret Mead

Why join the The Startup Foundation

Doing business in South Africa is challenging and without knowledge of the economic, political and business environment, many companies are reluctant to pursue African markets. The Startup Foundation is the premier South African small business foundation which assists both the public and private sector to form viable partnerships which have commercial, investment and developmental outcomes. TSF builds and manages fruitful relationships across five key focus areas to enable such collaboration.

As a non-profit company, this is achieved with the support of members in their areas of interest.

Member benefits

  • Access to events. The Startup Foundation hosts events, on its own or jointly, that provide members and stakeholders with insights into developments in South Africa .
  • Research and information. The Startup Foundation provides research and information to members within its key focus areas. Such information provides members with insight relating to their business activities and opportunities in countries and regions of interest to them. This information, which includes tracking tenders and projects, is provided in conjunction with strategic partners from the public and private sector.
  • Networking. We provide opportunities for members and stakeholders to relate and therefore, develop new relationships for their organisations. In this way, our members benefit by meeting government, development finance institutions, multi-lateral institutions, private sector peers and other stakeholders on a platform that facilitates collaboration.
  • Investment and commercial opportunities. We provide members information about tenders, projects, investment opportunities and commercial opportunities within our key focus areas. These opportunities are broad or specific to members holding higher tier membership. In addition, we provide connections and information across industry sectors in order to reduce the cost, time and risks related to exploring investment opportunities. The Startup Foundation also hosts investment information sessions and organises individual and group trade missions across South Africa.
  • Developmental Project Management. We implement innovative projects in our key focus areas which promote private sector and developmental investment. Our projects focus on playing a facilitation role to remove barriers and enable public and private sector to achieve meaningful development impact alongside investment returns.
  • Policy Advocacy and Public Sector Relations. The Startup Foundation provides the private sector perspective and input to government and regional bodies relating to policy and regulatory environments. In this way, we encourage the development of a conducive investment and social environment.
  • Member Profiling. The Startup Foundation provides a platform for members to highlight their business, community and developmental activities across the continent. To access the wealth of opportunities in South Africa, become The Startup Foundation member.