Our manifesto comes from the people who are really in charge of our organisation, the entrepreneurs


We believe in entrepreneurship and innovation. In the change that is brought about by startups. We’re telling a new story about the role of startups in South Africa.

We recognize and support young people in their role as innovative and creative thinkers.

We are The Startup Foundation. We believe in changing the world. We have the fire to inspire and develop one another. We defy the status quo. We create employment.

We engage young people as partners in development. We equip them with the know-how and tools to impact their own lives and uplift their own communities.

We believe in working with great people. We inspire young leaders in our communities.

We want to change people’s lives for the better. We want to build amazing products.

We want to build a successful and profitable company that delivers value. We’re laying a foundation. Block by block.

We have fun. We believe young people have something to contribute and they must be given the opportunity to realise their dreams. We are igniting change.

We do everything, every little thing, with the greatest integrity and honesty. We believe that no idea can be too big. For us, nothing is impossible. Because we get involved, stay involved and help each other out.

The time to STARTUP is now.