Young people have the best opportunity to experience and become entrepreneurs; they are now collaborating to make South Africa a leader in innovation. This is our vision.

Starting a business is an exciting time accompanied by many questions and concerns.You will face various issues including not possessing enough resources or specialized knowledge, and most of all time to figure it all out and get started.

The Foundation is your all-in-one resource to help you meet the challenges you will face as a budding startup entrepreneur.

  • Where should my focus be? Sales? Products? Hiring?
  • Is my business plan compelling?
  • How do I develop a marketing plan?
  • Where should I get funding?
  • How should I structure my business to maximize value?

Advocacy: Promotion of entrepreneurship and talent support

We can increase the level of entrepreneurial talent activation with a programme of promotional activities carried out by the subjects of innovative environment. More young people should dream about building a breakthrough company that would change the industry properties and create a social value for our communities.

Platforms of innovative environment subjects that promote ideas of innovative entrepreneurship are the examples of good practice. We run the Startup Mzansi Campaign, profile startups on Startup Map, host the Startup Conference as well recognise and celebrate South Africa’s innovative entrepreneurship talent.

Boosting Entrepreneurship and Innovation through Excellent Training & Research

Entrepreneurs can’t build a startup company in a vacuum, but only in connection with excellent R&D achievements and ideas. Active transfer of knowledge and technologies from knowledge institutions is the task of hubs for technology transfer. These take care of the management of intellectual property created from public resources and are an important part of the innovation eco-system. The Startup Foundation has a fully-fledged research department that make reports available to the startup community.

Through the Startup Institute – a driver of Scholarly, educational, outreach and professional development opportunities in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation – startups gain knowledge and coaching from experienced entrepreneurs and professionals.

Startup and Growth capital

Because access to appropriate financing resources is crucial for successful development and growth of startup companies, The Startup Foundation believes that more innovative funding approaches and models need to be introduced in the South African startup ecosystem. It should also continue encouraging personal investments of business angels into risky investments of startup companies and devise a programme for investing into quality funds of venture capital. It’s also important to raise awareness of individuals, so that they use their savings to support talented individuals from their home circle if these want to implement innovative ideas. Startup Bank is our solutions to this challenge.

Startup Bank is designed to help tackle the problem of supporting young people who have a feasible business idea but no access to finance and other similar resources. With a view of providing a robust SME sector of tomorrow, Startup Bank aims to equip entrepreneurs with the tools to make their business a success.

"If you don’t build your dream, someone will hire you to help you build theirs" ~ Tony Gaskins