We aim to be noisy, hard-hitting and innovative – just like entrepreneurs!

A voice for Startups in South Africa

The Startup Foundation carries out research and campaigns to improve the public perception of entrepreneurs and to create an environment that allows more people to start and grow businesses.

We aim to carry out research that shows not just the economic contribution of startup entrepreneurs but also their social and cultural value to the country. Such research will inform campaigns to improve the portrayal and perception of entrepreneurs in the media and wider society.

We do this in the following way:

  • We work to connect young entrepreneurs of all demographics and areas with policy makers, ensuring a representative voice of startups is heard across government.
  • We work with the media to inject the startup’s perspective into current affairs and news, and improve the representation of youth entrepreneurs in programming.
  • We research how large firms can best support startup ecosystems but, when necessary, we run defensive campaigns taking on monopolistic interests.

Get Involved

As the Startups' Think Tank, we listen to entrepreneurs across the country to inform the research and campaigns we undertake.

If, as an entrepreneur, you have an issue you feel strongly about that you think we should be campaigning on, let us know.