The Startup Recipe – A Guide For Startup Creators


Startups are Changing The World Everyday!

South Africa, Africa and the World find themselves in the most important period of the new economic revolution, the strongest and biggest one so far. It is the revolution leading us from the post-industrial era into the knowledge-based society. According to economic experts, the future will bring a divide between countries that will know how to answer challenges of a knowledge-based society, and countries in which the economic and social lag will become increasingly larger.

The Startup Recipe is a guide for young Startup Creators. In the Book, Sandile Shabangu discusses morden techniques and tools to help young people launch successful startups drawing from global trends.

The book also includes The Startup Mzansi Blueprint which discusses key challenges and possibilities for building a globally competitive startup ecosystem in South Africa.

“Instead of trying to change the world through revolution, we can change the world through innovation

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    Awesome book… Really informational. I don’t regret purchasing this….

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