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We invite you to register for the next Building a Community Information Session on

October 11 at 7 pm SAST.

Startup Mzansi Communities gives entrepreneurs and community builders the resources they need to build welcoming and supportive entrepreneurial communities across South Africa, and it brings them together into a national network of hyperconnected and vibrant grassroots startup communities where entrepreneurs can start and scale their ventures.

Join our online Information Session to learn about the Official Startup Mzansi Communities Program, get on the pulse of the latest developments and trends in the South African grassroots community landscape, and learn how you can launch a Startup Community and leverage support from the national network.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • What is a Startup Community?
  • The Startup Mzansi Communities Program
  • Eligibility and Application Process for Startup Communities
  • Requirements and Expectations for Startup Communities
  • Other Opportunities, Benefits and Perks.
    Sessions take place at 1pm and 8pm SAT.

Click here to register. For more information, contact people@startupmzansi.org.za

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