Join a group of passionate entrepreneurs: Become a community ambassador

About the program

The Startup Mzansi ambassador program is made up of like-minded entrepreneurs, mentors, and thought leaders who are invested in the success of the startups and entrepreneurs in their local communities. Our ambassadors are students, entrepreneurs, startup founders, mentors, community organizers, and other people across South Africa who believe in the power of peer-to-peer mentorship and networking.

We strive to help startups daily by connecting them with valuable information, resources, and people who will change the course of their businesses for the better.

Why it matters

As entrepreneurs gather at universities, conferences, and events across the globe, there are thousands more who are sitting at their desks in rural towns and villages across South Africa, these entrepreneurs don’t have the time nor access to the resources that are necessary to scale their businesses. Likewise, there are thousands more who reside in the heart of cities, or maybe right outside them, who have been barred from these very courses, conferences, and events because of similar barriers to entry.

At Startup Mzansi, we believe that all entrepreneurs and startups deserve equal access to the mentors, resources, and education that allows ideas and businesses to thrive. Our platform hosts a variety of experts in subjects that matter most to entrepreneurs; people who are well-versed in topics like business formation, funding, ideation, and more. These are real people with real experience running real businesses who want to give back to the entrepreneurial ecosystems by helping other startups grow. Our ambassador program was born out of this belief: to connect and serve all people by providing them with a place where they can ask questions, access resources, and more.

What do I have to do?

We only ask one thing of our ambassadors: that they use the Startup Mzansi’s app (StartupApp) to create meaningful interactions and foster growth in their local startup ecosystems. We also provide ambassadors with a list of best practices, as well as tools to grow their personal brands, businesses, and local entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Where can I learn more?

To learn more about the program or check out our current ambassadors, please visit our community page.

I’m ready to sign up!

If you are interested in joining our ambassador family, check out the application here. We look forward to strengthening our ecosystems together!

Other ways to hep spread the word

Show your support for the Startup Mzansi movement by proudly displaying our logo or one of our eye-catching, they-look-so-good-you’ll-accidently-walk-into-a-pole, Startup Mzansi Graphics on your website or social media profile page. Get creative and plaster them all over your online photos in suggestive ways (that is…in ways that suggest you love the Startup Mzansi movement).