Startup Mzansi Communities is a national network of local entrepreneur-led community hubs in cities and towns across South Africa. Startup Mzansi provides entrepreneurs and economic development professionals with access to the national and global network of Startup Communities, as well as a powerful suite of tools, technology and trusted advisors to help leaders build vibrant entrepreneurial communities.

Start an Official Startup Mzansi Community

Join South Africa’s national network of Startup Community Leaders to gain access to a learning platform with tools, templates, case studies, best practices, forums, monthly learning seminars and regular access to Startup Communities Advisors from across the world. Click here to join.

To apply to become an Official Startup Community, you must attend a FREE information session with our Startup Communities Manager, Mthunzi Mavuma. Information Sessions take place twice a month on the StartupApp. The week following your attendance at the session, you will gain access to the application form. Click here to register for an upcoming Information Session.

Please note that applications usually take 2-3 weeks to complete and that the peer review committee may wish to interview members of your team or other local partners before making a decision. If your community is admitted to the program, you can expect to be on boarded at or before the start of the next quarter. Our Team will guide you through the process. If your community is not admitted, you will receive detailed feedback and suggestions for next steps for your community. Our team will be happy to work with your community toward submitting a new application once your community and Team are ready.