The Startup Hotline with Startup Mzansi Foundation
Date: Every Monday
Location At a Phone Near You in South Africa
Pricing: Exclusive & Complimentary for Startup Mzansi Members

Dear Young Entrepreneur,

Mentoring (guidance) lies at the core of the Startup Mzansi Foundation’s philosophy and culture! It is said that “Nothing can stop the power of an IDEA whose time has come” but it is also critical to validate if YOUR IDEA has the POWER in it, for sustainable execution & growth, before you move on and startup!

To facilitate this IDEA VALIDATION, Startup Mzansi Foundation will launch an innovative mentoring format… “Startup Hotline” for all aspiring, budding, early-stage entrepreneurs who have a business Idea / concept.

Our aspiration is to eventually have as many Ideas validated within the South African Startup ecosystem.

Dial-in to get your business idea validated by a Startup Mentor over a 15 minutes one-on-one telephonic discussion.


1. Submit your idea as per template
2. You will be allocated a Date/time slot (on first-come basis)
3. Call in at the allotted Date/time
4. Present your thoughts for just about 5 mins (the Startup Mentor would already have your business overview)
5. A Startup Mentor will give her/his inputs over a 10-min window
6. Based on the inputs, you could move ahead in the Startup Mzansi Foundation’s Mentoring process or reconnect with the various other programs to reshape your entrepreneurial aspiration.

Your mentor could CHALLENGE or ENCOURAGE your idea … as a Devil’s Advocate would with hard-hitting inputs, to guide you in the appropriate direction.

If you are interested then please visit the StartupApp ( to download the Idea Validation deck and send the completed deck to

To read more about this format and member experience, visit the StartupApp.


The Startup Foundation Mentoring Team

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