Startup Lounge is a new kind of collaborative space encouraging and supporting people in their work and the development of the ideas that are solving the social, environmental, economic, urban and rural problems we face everyday.

At Startup Lounge innovation is a habit, brainstorming is a daily activity, and creativity imbeds itself in everything we do. We offer a variety of services designed to inspire innovation in our clients including co-working, consulting services, and classes. Our co-working space offers our members a collaborative, engaging work environment that shares resources and ideas. We will provide consulting services to businesses looking to bring fresh ideas to their branding, marketing and workflow.

Finally, our selection of interactive, experiential learning classes will cover topics such as creative thinking, effective project management and improve so individuals can develop skills that give their work and play new energy. The need for continued innovation among businesses and individuals alike make us confident there is ample market potential for Startup Lounge to succeed. Our team is already seeing customer demands after leading creativity classes and workshops in our community.

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