Strategic partnership formed to support co-innovation. First area of focus is the ‘Startups in Manufacturing’ a new approach to startups in manufacturing

JOHANNESBURG — Startup Mzansi Foundation NPC, a social enterprise supporting innovative entrepreneurship in South Africa and Resolution Circle, the University of Johannesburg’s company that use the commercialisation of technology as a platform to provide experiential learning to technology interns, today announced a new strategic partnership. The partnership will combine Startup Mzansi’s expertise in startup solutions with Resolution Circle’s market leading platform technologies to deliver solutions to fuel innovation and entrepreneurship in South Africa.

Together Startup Mzansi Foundation and Resolution Circle are co-innovating around technology and manufacturing entrepreneurship to address the some of the problems that are facing South Africa today. The first co-innovation focus area will be the ‘Startups in Manufacturing’ which will bring a new approach to combining technology from new sources with manufacturing to provide business relevant capabilities on a robust platform.

From the 15th of June 2017, Startup Mzansi will host its Startup Toolkit Workshop Series at the Resolution Circle in Milpark.

Stay tuned for more details.

About Startup Mzansi Foundation:
Founded by Sandile Shabangu in 2012, Startup Mzansi Foundation is a Non Profit Company supporting innovative youth entrepreneurship in South Africa. The Foundation is organized under the laws of the Republic of South Africa and governed by a Board of Directors made up of Leadership and Entrepreneurship Specialists. The reason behind the foundation is to create a more longer-term entity to support its 20-year mission of building a functioning startup ecosystem in South Africa.

Our goal is to lay the foundation by bringing together essential elements to create a viable ecosystem, from which startups and young innovative entrepreneurs can accelerate their growth. We do this through lobbying, mentoring, networking, strategic alliances, developing and recognising excellence in youth and promoting a vibrant entrepreneurial culture.

The Startup Foundation is committed to providing a platform for the inspiration and empowerment of youth in business in South Africa and beyond through promoting opportunities to support, connect and grow youth in business.

About Resolution Circle:
Resolution Circle was established as a company in 2012. We are owned by the University of Johannesburg and collaborate on a wide front. We use the commercialisation of technology as a platform to provide experiential learning to technology interns. We form a bridge between universities and full-scale commercial operations by focussing primarily (but not exclusively) on being a technology incubator rather than a business incubator.

At Resolution Circle our activities benefit the South African economy, specifically by decreasing the trade deficit and creating local jobs.

We are an independent commercial company, which funds its operations through commercial activities. We do not receive subsidies for operational expenses. While we verify that all activities are economically sustainable, we believe that this ensures closer alignment with industry and resulting guaranteed efficiency.

Training and development activities are focused on applied knowledge that will provide economic value. Our vision is not to compete in the industry, but rather to support and enable the industry.

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Sandile Shabangu

StartupGuy is the Founder of Startup Mzansi and is on a mission to build Africa's Startup Ecosystem thus laying the foundation by bringing the essential elements for anyone to start and stay started in business.

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